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The Cannabis Isolate Exchange (www.cannabisisolateexchange.com) is powered by Seed to Science Ltd, Europe’s #1 Choice in CBD Isolate import and export. The purpose of the Isolate Exchange is to enable a blind pool of trading of CBD, CBG and other isolates to be matched between purchasers and sellers who are seeking high-quality vetted GMP sources of Isolates globally.

Members of the Isolate exchange are either a “Purchaser” or a “Seller” of CBD Isolate, CBG Isolate, or an isolate that is legally allowed to be transported and exchanged globally.Contact Info@cannabisisolateexchange.com for more information.

The Vetting Process

Seed To Science Ltd, a leading UK consultancy for the Cannabis Sector collects the appropriate Know Your Client information, Anti-money Laundering documentation, Proof of funds, and “prewritten” orders by purchasers which are then turned into the Letter of Intent between the seller and the Buyer.

Start the Vetting Process now:

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Direct from Purchaser to Producer

The purpose of the vetting process is to connect directly the GMP CBD Isolate and other production facilities to the end client, avoiding the long broker channels. In this manor, clients get the best pricing available in the marketplace, of which a 5% commission is attached to for matching the purchaser with the seller.

The Offtake Agreement

Seed To Science formalizes the LOI agreements into Offtake agreements based on the mutually agreed upon terms of the Purchaser and the Seller for the Isolate.

COA and Laboratory Testing

Seed To Science Ltd collects the relevant documentation for the batches of product being sold through the marketplace, preparing the matched product to the specifications of the Purchaser.

The Escrow Account and Escrow Agreement

Seed To Science co-ordinates a third party escrow account or mutually agreed upon escrow account and agreement for the completion of the transaction.


The seller co-ordinates the logistical pathway and clearing of the products on behalf of the purchaser, under the strict guidance of Seed To Science Ltd.

Global Market Place of CBD

CBD as a product has become global by nature, however, the quality of CBD Isolates greatly depends on the facilities more than just the origin. Many products have been synthetically made, within the CBD Isolate exchange only products from natural sources are permitted. Synthetic CBD has shown not to have the same benefits as natural CBD, and therefore the exchange has been put into place to monitor and regulate the sale of “natural cbd” produced GMP producers or equivalent.

Your Choice of Processing

As a purchaser you can choose whether you want Ethanol Extraction, Super Critical CO2 extraction, or either.

Other Isolates than CBD

As the market matures, and we are able to match licensed providers directly to licensed purchasers, other Isolates will be matched through the exchange.

To register as a purchaser or a seller of a Cannabis Isolate, please start the vetting process.

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